This is a list of features and requests that users have submitted and are now live and available in the Gliffy for Confluence Plugin.

Show all All Planned Not planned Completed Answered No status Sort by newest post Newest post Recent activity Votes Comments
Link shape to anchor on a page in the same or different space John 0 comments 0 votes Completed
Eliminate arrow on shapes that have links. John 2 comments 0 votes Completed
support for layout/styles in the diagrams. Madhusudhan Matrubhai 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Search through diagram spaces Joe Wojak 3 comments 13 votes Not planned
Modify Group of Lines Kambiz 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Alt Text Robert Kennedy 2 comments 1 vote Completed
List all Gliffy diagrams in search result list Odd Vinje 2 comments 2 votes Completed
Add callout bubbles for diagrams Joe Chang 1 comment 8 votes Completed
Visio Import for OnDemand Dhatcher 4 comments 0 votes Completed
Support for Microsoft Visio 2013 (.vsdx) file format Tiffany Beddow 23 comments 77 votes Completed
No PRINT function from the editor since Gliffy v5 Normand Brousseau 25 comments 23 votes Completed
Placeholder for Gliffy diagram in Confluence page template Thomas 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Reorder license field dropdown on Products Order Form screen David Hergert 1 comment 0 votes Not planned
Clickable regions Arturo Holloway 3 comments 7 votes Completed
Specify Revision of Diagram to Display Keith Rockhold 8 comments 7 votes Completed
Confluence: problem when a gliffy diagram includes an image that is named the same as the diagram Anatoli Kazatchkov 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Add Amazon Web Service (AWS) Stencils to Gliffy Keith Rockhold 3 comments 8 votes Completed
Add visio import for Gliffy Confluence plugin compatible with Confluence 3.5 Donna Thaete 1 comment 0 votes Not planned
ability to "save as" a diagram Darin Perusich 4 comments 16 votes Completed
Support nested grouping and ungrouping of objects Chuck Gould 3 comments 1 vote Completed
Ctrl + b, Ctrl + i, and Ctrl + u text formatting Theresa Wolf 0 comments 1 vote Completed
Allow additional protocols for web links in diagrams (only http and https currently allowed) Markus Bradtke 10 comments 9 votes Completed
Russian Language Support for Confluence Plugin Bezruk Alexander 1 comment 1 vote Completed
UML 2 shapes Nils Gladitz 5 comments 14 votes Completed
Ability to copy between diagrams in different browser windows Michael Stivers 2 comments 5 votes Completed
Ability to edit links Michael Stivers 1 comment 0 votes Completed
Bring the Pirates back for Atlassian Summit 2012 Chris K 0 comments 1 vote Completed
Gliffy Confluene Plugin: Links and diagram sizes Adolfo Casari 2 comments 1 vote Completed
Exporting Gliffy as SVG for use in Adobe Illustrator Martha Riecks 5 comments 0 votes Completed
Sort in Document Manager Adolfo Casari 5 comments 8 votes Completed