API for integration with offline Google Chrome Extensions


we are developing ReqView - an offline Google Chrome application for creating and reviewing structured requirement documents (see http://www.reqview.com). We are looking for an diagramming application which could be integrated with ReqView.

Gliffy looks quite interesting and it seems even to provide an API for online web applications. However we need an API for offline Chrome applications, maybe based on Chrome messaging: http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/messaging.html#external, which would allow easy integration of diagramming feature into ReqView.

Use case would be to open Gliffy Chrome application with a diagram file stored in ReqView Chrome application private web file storage (attachment to ReqView document). User could edit the diagram in Gliffy and provide back the updated file content. Reqview should be also able to get offline the image representing the diagram.

I hope this API for offline Chrome applications would be interesting for Gliffy users since it would allow to use them diagramming in the context of other applications (e.g. ReqView for structured requirement documents) and also for authors / users of other Google Chrome extensions since it would allow easy integration of diagramming feature into any Google Chrome application.

Thank you.


Libor Bus


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