Enable automatic conversion of "Fresh Flowchart" shapes to "Basic Flowchart" shapes while preserving the text.

"Fresh Flowchart" shapes are no longer offered in Gliffy Online. They are now called "legacy". Editing a diagram with these shapes is difficult because there is a hesitation of at least 2 seconds, sometimes much more, after each click of the mouse before a shape or line is actually selected. Automatic conversion From Fresh to Basic flowchart shapes (with their content) should not be categorized as just a possible improvement to Gliffy, but as a matter of maintenance of functionality, and of fairness  to those who chose that option when it was offered. They invested much time, never suspecting that their diagrams would lose a great part of their usefulness during the ongoing improvement of Gliffy. Manually converting a diagram with hundreds of  elements from Fresh Flowchart to Basic Flowchart, one shape or line at a time, would be a monumental task. Maybe the alternative to a conversion add-on is to make the set of Fresh Flowchart shapes compatible with Windows 10, since they responded just fine with Windows 8.1. (It is not a Windows 10 issue, as the new Basic Flowchart shapes respond perkily enough in my W10 system setup.)

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