Adjustable Radius on Directional Connector Paths

Purely for aesthetic reasons (which go to readability), it would be a super nice feature to have the ability to change the radius of the rounded corners on directional arrows. At present, we are given the option of a squared turn, a fixed rounded turn, or a broadly curved turn. When superimposing the rounded turns into a single path, the tight radius is almost obscured when using a thicker line weight, so it would help to be able to select or define a larger radius to the turn. As you can see in the example attached, the rounded turns (which indicate directionality or flow) are so tight with a line weight of 5 that the flow direction is somewhat obscured and not immediately apparent. With a line weight of 1 or 2, it isn’t so much of a problem, but when using thicker line weights with outlined borders, it makes the rounded corners nearly invisible.



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