Insert Google Docs into Gliffy Presentations

Gliffy would become worlds more useful If one could,

1. Insert & Pin Google Docs into Gliffy Presentations. Pins could be attached anywhere in a Gliffy presentation & also Pinned directly to the edge of shapes themselves. You could title Pins, the title would become the Google Doc File name itself & synced back to Google Docs. Clicking a Pin would open it in a windowed mode to view and work on as a normal Google Doc. Clicking off the document would close it & auto save.

2. Creating a new Google Doc as a Gliffy Shape itself. Basically dragging a new shape onto your presentation like normal with the option to make it into a live Google Doc, but still function like a shape in Gliffy. It would only show as much text as the size of the shape itself with the ability to add normal Gliffy Text into it as a non Google Doc Header. Clicking the main text like you normally would would bring up the same options as if it were in Pin, & let you open it in a windowed mode as a Google Doc to be viewed fully or worked on.

3. Google Docs Created in a Shape could be dragged out of the shape & instantly turned into a Pin & Vise versa.

Would this not make the functionality & usefulness of Gliffy so much better? 

Thanks Gliffy Team. Hope you can add this in at some point. 



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