Business network Ethernet segment symbol


I'm seeking the addition of a graphic representative of an Ethernet network segment. In network diagrams, this type of object is attached to router's or multi-layer switches to simply indicate a continuation of network(s) or VLANs. It's often accompanied with a text description. Microsoft and Cisco have used a pipeline style icon; however, that representation feels archaic plus looks ugly when the rest of the diagram features simple lines. Sometimes, a "T" style group of two lines is used to convey the same information (see attached samples). Like other images, it would be scalable and feature "snap" points for lines between adjacent objects. 

My hope is that Gliffy will create a more modern, yet still simple clean icon in the style of the other business network illustrations. This item doesn't need to be fancy. A two-dimensional looking graphic might be interesting. Finally, in my experience the majority of network diagrams seem to be oriented left-to-right, or generally expressing the design horizontally. Therefore, the default orientation of the Ethernet segment should be so that "terminating" line (perpendicular to the line connecting the object to the router) runs vertically. For example, a "T" style icon would be rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

Thanks for the support.

archaic visio pipe-style segment icon.jpg
simple t-type Ethernet segment example.jpg


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