Add corporate users group to the Business Network shape library

In the Business Network library there are currently 4 types of users; 1 blue person, 1 female in corporate garb, 1 male in corporate grab, and 1 group of 3 blue people. I wanted to make a group of 3 user (2 males in corporate garb, 1 female in corporate garb) in the same shape and layout as the 3 blue people shape. The closest I cold get to replicating this was to create a square with no border and zerofill background that same size of my group, make the group with 2 corp. men on bottom and 1 corp. woman on the top in the same outline as the 3 blue people shape, then group them all together. This does indeed work and crates the same link points in the same position of the 3 blue people shape. The only flaw with this roundabout solution is that when you try and change the groups color it also changes the background square shapes color from zerofill to the selected color, rendering this solution useless.


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