API Extension: Object Interaction

I would like to be able to use Gliffy as a custom GUI to my project's database. Any table that has parent-children relationship could benefit from this.

This could be used for database design, to actual data manipulation within the table.

A Gliffy object would be populated with data nodes, and connectivity information. Gliffy interface would then allow the users to have a graphical arrow-connecting interface.

At the end of the session the arrow connection would be sent back to my server, and after parsing it would carry information about node connectivity.

PHP Pseudo Code Integration:

$g = new Gliffy("testuser@gliffy.com");

$g->upload($myNodeList, "projectABC");

/* ... allow editing, when done run something like this: */

$project = $g->download("projectABC"); // this connects to gliffy and downloads 

$connections = $project->get_objects("arrow");

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