Graphviz Import

There are other suggestios to allow importing of Visio or SVG or what have you, but I would like to suggest a different import option.

GraphViz (http://www.graphviz.org) dotfiles are declarative expressions of either a graph or a directed graph. There is no compelling reason why you couldn't use them for import into Gliffy. It would be nice to have automatic layout but, even just creating the elements with the connections would allow one to arrange things in an appealing fashion. There are many tools for working with dotfiles so this could extend the utility of Gliffy extensively

Here is a simple dotfile:


digraph G {
  node [
    shape = "record"
  Animal [
    label = "{Animal|+ name : string\l+ age : int\l|+ die() : void\l}"
  Dog [
    label = "{Dog||+ bark() : void\l}"
  Cat [
    label = "{Cat||+ meow() : void\l}"
  edge [
    arrowhead = "empty"
  Dog -> Animal
  Cat -> Animal
  edge [
    arrowhead = "none"
    headlabel = "0..*"
    taillabel = "0..*"
  Dog -> Cat

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