API allows passing of a list of link URLs which are made available when editing links

To allow seamless integration with content management systems or any system where diagrams are displayed in context, it would be desirable for users to be able to select links from a pre-defined list of links when editing a Gliffy diagram.

This could be achieved by making it possible to pass a list of URLs with titles as a parameter when creating or editing a Gliffy diagram. It would then be possible to display this list of titled URLs when creating or editing a link for a diagram element, whereby the user can select a pre-defined link from a drop-down list.


The API could for instance be adjusted to allow the passing of a list of link parameters:


or, it could allow the passing of an XML string with the parameters included:


Another possiblity would be to allow the passing of a URL to an external link editor which allows developers to define their own link popup dialogue for custom behaviour. The selected URL would be returned by script to the Gliffy editor.


Thanks for a great tool!



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