Creating a Tree View of Diagrams in the Document Manager

For those of us who may have many diagrams in a single confluence space, it would be ideal if there was a way to manage those diagrams. For example, if you attempt to either insert a new diagram or click the plus symbol tab (+) while working on a diagram, the Create a New Document or Document Manager window appears. On those windows, there is a Spaces column that lists every space in the Confluence instance, and when one is selected, the next column (Diagram) lists all the diagrams within that space. 

The problem is that the diagrams within that space are simply listed in no particular order, and there is no way to logically manage/move them. Ideally, a tree/folder view would work best so that wherever different diagrams appear within a given space, we would have the ability to group them in this view however we see fit. Creating folders or top level headers in the Diagram column (without them having to be actual diagrams themselves) would help tremendously in managing the diagrams.

To sumarize, a tree view would allow us to group like diagrams in the document manager within the editor, no matter when they were created or what page within a space on which they appear, so they are easier to manage and to view for reference purposes. This would have no affect on the actual Confluence pages or where the diagrams appear outside of the editor.


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