expandable/collapsible text-boxes

I'm using gliffy as a plugin within Confluence 3.5.x.

I would like to request a new expandable/collapsible "process" text-box elements within a flow chart. This could either be a new element type or perhaps a new editable property type of the process element.

Initially, I envision using this feature to create an overview flow chart with expandable text-boxes for some of the more complex process elements. In most cases, these expandable boxes would expand to show their own self-contained flowchart where the expandable element was the head for the sub flow chart.

Using the normal demarcation of a '+' for the expandable text-box, and the +/- functionality for expansion and collapsing respectively the visibility of the sub-process would be a familiar enough approach.

Thanks for considering this request.

- Shawn


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