Create JIRA issues from diagram

It would be amazing if we could fire up Gliffy, do our diagram and drop a widget onto the diagram that allows us to link-to or create a Jira issue.  I'm not talking about a simple link, like Gliffy can do now, I'm talking about a link widget that does a Jira issue lookup or invokes a "create new issue" function in Jira.  Right now, we just write notes directly on the diagram to express requirements.  this is a major no-no for requirements traceability.

If we had this level of Gliffy-Jira integration, we would also want it so that, when I drop a bunch of Jira issues on top of my diagram, the diagram would also be copied to the other issues that are referenced (in some way that makes sense).  In the end, then, one diagram might spawn 5 to 10 Jira issues (requirements) and give proof to the saying that a "picture speaks a thousand words"


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