Unable to Save, Export, or Print a Gliffy Online Diagram


You have edited an existing Gliffy Diagram and when you try to save it you get a spinning wheel and the diagram never saves. Attempting to Export or Print this file also fails. This occurs most often in Chrome and sometimes opening Gliffy Online in another supported web browser such as Firefox will allow you to save your diagram. If it doesn’t or you want to continue using Chrome, the steps below will help you resolve the problem.

Why the Problem Occurs:

When you add a custom image to Gliffy a URL is added to the diagram source which points to the location of that custom image. When changes to the Gliffy infrastructure was made some custom images started breaking existing diagrams ability to function properly. This problem occurs most often when using Gliffy online in a Chrome Web Browser because Chrome removes the CORS headers on redirection to the new URL.

Resolving the Problem:

NOTE: Be careful to only make the changes listed in these steps. Making any other changes to this file could cause problems with your Gliffy diagram.

1. Right click on your open diagram in Gliffy Online > Select View Diagram Source


2. On the “Document Source” screen, click “Select” then right click on the selected text & copy


3. Open a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad + + Select New > File and paste the information you copied in step 2 into this file

4. Use Find (Ctrl + F) to search and replace all URL’s with


5. Once you have changed all the URLs to save the file with a Gliffy extension by selecting File > Save as, enclose the filename with quotes example “filename.gliffy”

6. Import this Gliffy file into Gliffy Online

7. Use the File > Save as option to save the imported file and give it a name

8. You will now be able to edit the imported file and successfully save your changes

9. You can delete the original diagram that is not allowing you to save by going to My Documents selecting the file you want to delete, then click the "x" on the right side

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