Gliffy is now a part of Rogue Wave Software

Gliffy has been acquired by Rogue Wave Software

On October 31st, 2018, Rogue Wave Software announced their acquisition of Gliffy and its suite of products. More information on this announcement can be found here.

Who is Rogue Wave Software?

Rogue Wave, established in 1989, provides platforms, tools, components, and support that has been used across financial services, technology, healthcare, government, entertainment, and manufacturing industries to deliver value and reduce risk. From API management, web and mobile, embeddable analytics, static, and dynamic analysis to open source support, Rogue Wave has the software essentials to innovate with confidence.

How will this impact me as a Gliffy customer?

In short - it won’t! Payments will still be processed via the same methods, and all current subscriptions and purchases will continue to be honored and functional.

Will this affect where I can purchase my Gliffy products?

All Gliffy products will continue to be available via the same mediums. You can purchase get your Gliffy for Confluence/Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace.

How will this impact my Gliffy products?

They won’t be impacted! Gliffy is committed to the products, services, and support that we provide our customers. Gliffy, alongside Rogue Wave Software, will continue to advance and improve on all products, including Gliffy Online, Gliffy Diagram for Confluence, Gliffy Diagram for Jira, and Gliffy Project.

What’s changed?

Nothing, with the exception that Gliffy is joining a larger software company. This will allow us to invest in our products and address our customers needs in a more expanded way.

How do I contact Gliffy if I have questions regarding this, or Gliffy products?

We are always here to assist, and welcome your feedback. Our support contact information has not changed! You can contact Gliffy by sending an email to, or by visiting our Knowledge Base at and selecting “Submit a Ticket”.

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