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General Questions

What is Gliffy Project?

Gliffy Project is a JIRA app that maps your visual plans to your existing JIRA, allowing product, engineering, and design teams to build software more accurately.

How does Gliffy Project integrate with JIRA?

Using Gliffy Project, JIRA issues can be created, sorted, and attached to Hotspots on an image. This allows you to utilize a “Big Picture” view of your project, improving the process of reviewing a project to determine its current status.

Where is my data stored?

Gliffy Project data is stored on Gliffy’s secure servers. Gliffy does not receive or obtain the contents of any JIRA tickets. We do see the JIRA issue’s identification (i.e. JIRA-1726), as this allows us to link JIRA issues to associated Hotspots within Gliffy Project.

Is Gliffy Project compatible with JIRA Server or Data Center?

Not at this time, however we are working to add JIRA Server compatibility in the very near future.

Where can I find further documentation?

Documentation for Gliffy Project, including our Knowledge Base and User Manual, can be accessed via our Support Hub.


Basic Functionality

What types of images can I utilize within Gliffy Project?

A project can consist of any type of image, uploaded in PNG or JPG format. This can be anything from an exported Gliffy diagram to your favorite desktop background.

What is a Hotspot?

A Hotspot is an area of space created within Gliffy Project on your selected image. This created area allows you to link associated JIRA issues to the image for tracking and quick access purposes.

Does deleting a Hotspot also delete linked JIRA issues?

No. While the issues associated with the Hotspot will no longer be attached, data within JIRA will not be deleted.

Does Gliffy Project connect to JIRA in real-time?

Gliffy Project does maintain a consistent connection with JIRA. When changes to an issue are made in JIRA however, Gliffy Project does need to be refreshed to reflect these changes.

Does Gliffy Project support sub-tasks?

Not at this time, however this is something we will be investigating for a future.. 

Can I set or change permissions within Gliffy Project?

Gliffy Project utilizes the permissions you've set up within JIRA. Gliffy Project-specific permissions are not available.

Why do I have 2 Gliffy logos within JIRA?

Gliffy Project and Gliffy Diagrams for JIRA are designed to work in tandem, and Project does include some elements of Gliffy for JIRA. Because of this, installing both plugins will result in 2 Gliffy links.

If you observe two Gliffy buttons, please check to see whether you currently have Gliffy for JIRA installed. If so, uninstalling Gliffy for JIRA should resolve the issue, causing only one link to show.


Licensing And Pricing

How much does it cost?

Pricing information for all Gliffy products can be found on our Pricing Page.

Do I get updates as you make improvements?

When you purchase a license, you are entitled to one year of software maintenance (product updates and support).

When does my software maintenance start?

Our policy is consistent with Atlassian's.

  • New license purchase: Your 12 month software maintenance period will commence from the date of payment confirmation.
  • Upgrade: Your 12 month software maintenance will commence from the date of payment confirmation and replaces any active software maintenance of the upgraded license.
  • Software maintenance renewal: Your 12 month software maintenance will commence from the expiration date of the previous maintenance period, regardless of when the maintenance renewal was purchased.

I have a 100-user JIRA license, but I believe only 25 users will run Gliffy Project. Can I get a 25-user Gliffy Project license?

As a product on the Atlassian Marketplace, we must match Atlassian's policy and the license level you have with Gliffy must match the license level of JIRA. Gliffy Project cannot be made available for a specific user-group unfortunately.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support is provided via email, alongside our publicly available resources accessible via our Support Hub.

Can I try the Plugin before I buy it?

Yes! When you download and install the Plugin, a 30-day free trial is automatically initiated.

Where can I find more information on Gliffy licensing?

For more information on Atlassian product licensing, please refer to Atlassian's Licensing Resource.

Our legal team wants to make revisions to your EULA. Can you accommodate our changes?

Our policy on this matches the policy that Atlassian has on this topic. Because of the low prices we offer our product at, we're unable to make changes to our EULA. Because of our very low prices, the legal and management costs related to accommodating multiple EULA agreements is not possible. By having a single EULA that is fair to both sides, we are able to keep our costs down. If you have specific concerns about our EULA, we would love to get your feedback.

Will Gliffy be GDPR Compliant?

Yes! Gliffy is committed to customer privacy and is in compliance with GDPR at this time. More information on this can be found within our Knowledge Base.


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