Does Gliffy Make My Private Diagrams Public?

For paid accounts, Gliffy will never change the status of any private diagrams. Specific information regarding this is as follows:

Trial Accounts - On trial accounts, documents are created as chosen by the creator, as permissions within Trial accounts are equal to that of paid accounts.

Free Accounts Diagrams created on free accounts are publicly viewable by default.

Paid Accounts - Diagram privacy is determined by 

When a paid account lapses, administrators of the account are presented with an option to either re-upgrade, or convert their account to a free, basic account. If the administrator chooses to re-upgrade, diagram privacy settings will be retained. If the administrator chooses to convert the account to a free account, they confirm and agree to their diagrams being transitioned to public diagrams.


You can check diagram privacy by reviewing the icon as shown below:



Private Diagram



Public Diagram

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