Commenting FAQ

The new commenting feature is in BETA mode. For any feature improvements, requests, comments, or bug reports, please leave your feedback in the field provided at the end of the article (must be logged into Zendesk). 

Commenting is available during the free trial and on paid Business Team plans with 2+ users. 

Commenting will only be available for GLIFFY ONLINE. This is not a feature that is currently scheduled for our Confluence/JIRA plugins as Atlassian has their own commenting system. 

Getting Started

Comments can be added to saved and named diagrams. When you Share your diagram, your collaborator will now be able to leave comments for you. Share as you normally would by going to Share->Collaborate and entering the email address(es) of your recipients. Please note, if you Collaborate on a diagram, the user you invite will have editing capabilities on the diagram as well as the ability to add comments.  

Email Notifications

The people you invite will get an email with an invitation to view your diagram. Once they accept, they will be taken to a viewer where they will be able to see and comment on your diagram. Diagrams shared with the user can also be accessed in the Shared Diagrams folder. 



Leaving a Comment

To add their comments, your collaborator will click new comment. An orange dot will appear on the canvas and they’ll type in their comments. If they are new to Gliffy, they will be asked to enter their name the first time (and only the first time) they leave a comment.

They’ll be able to place their comments anywhere on the canvas and will be able to move them around later if need be. When someone submits a comment, the diagram owner will get an email notifying you that your collaborators had something to say. New comments should be visible instantly. If for whatever reason you’re not seeing them, refresh your diagram.


Editing, Archiving and Deleting Comments

The comment owner will be able to edit, archive or delete their comments at any time, but will only be able to reply to comments others leave. The diagram owner on the other hand, will be able to edit, archive or delete anyone’s comment. 


Commenting as the Diagram Owner

As the diagram owner you too will be able to make comments either before or after you invite collaborators. You will now see a Comments button in the main toolbar. Clicking it will reveal a side panel with the comments history, which can be toggled on or off. Commenting is not currently set up to be used with Google Drive. 





What happens if my free trial expires or I downgrade below a Business 2+ plan? 

All comments will be viewable still, however you cannot delete/edit/add comments again unless you upgrade


Since the Commenting feature is in beta mode, some functions are not available or will be improved in upcoming iterations. Some current functions we will be adding/improving in the future: 

  • ability to edit comment user name
  • add email notification controls 
  • confirmation before deleting comments
  • Pop-up notes have been removed on the public viewer 
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