XHR Returned Response Code 400

Are you receiving a "XHR Returned Response Code 400" when trying to upload an image into Gliffy? 

This error often occurs if you try to import an image file from the File->Import menu. This Import menu is reserved for .vdx, .vsdx, .gliffy, .gon, and .gxml files. 

If you are receiving this error when uploading a PNG, GIF, JPG, or SVG file, please go to the Images tab and upload from there. You can also drag and drop the images directly to the canvas. If you are not seeing this library, go to More Shapes and select it to be shown. 


If you still receive this error after adding through the Images library and the image is less than 1MB, please email and attach your image to the request. 


If you receive this error after uploading a .vdx, .vsdx, .gliffy, .gon, or .gxml files through the File->Import menu, please email and attach your file to the request. 



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