How Can I Access an Account I Was Invited To Join?

Have you received an email saying "You have been added to the XXXX account for Gliffy Online" but are unable to access it? 

If you already had a Gliffy account and were added to someone's, then you need to switch the account you are logging into since you now have more than one account. Gliffy does not combine accounts. 

If you see the screen below when logging in, this means your personal free trial or paid account has expired. You will need to choose an option to move past it. 

If you do not want to upgrade the account, select the Free Account option. 

If you do not see that screen, or have moved past it, continue following these steps to switch your account:

1. Click into your Account Settings in the upper right corner then select "Switch Accounts". 


2. From the dropdown menu, choose the account you want to login to. 


3. If you want the account you selected to be the default one you login to, click the "Set this account as my default" box. 


4. Click "Submit" to save the changes. 


If you have further questions or are still unable to access your account, please email 

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