Unauthorized to Access Drive (401 Error)

Are you receiving an error when trying to access diagrams from Google Drive that states "You are not authorized to access [/go/gdrive/edit]"


Please check the following things: 

1. You must be on an active paid Business account with 2+ users.*

If you are not, you must upgrade to access Google Drive. Google Drive                     integration is available for paid Business accounts with at least 2 users.

2. If you are on a paid Business account with 2+ users, you may need to relink your Google Drive account with Gliffy. 

Please follow the steps here:

If your Google account is already showing that it is linked, please unlink the             account, and then re-link. This should reset the access to your Google Drive.

3. Verify that your Google Drive email is the same email as your Gliffy Online           account. 

4. If you have verified you are on a qualified paid account and these are still not           working, please email from the email address tied to your           account. 


*If you upgraded to a paid account before March 2016 you are grandfathered in and are not required to be on a Business 2+ user account. You must still be on a paid plan with no interruption in service. 

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