What Happens If I Upgrade or Downgrade My Account?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan or user level at anytime regardless of the plan you are on and if you have Admin rights. 

  • Choose either the Standard or Business plan by clicking Select under the corresponding plan you want (Business plans allow access to UML and Wireframing shapes which were available during your free trial).

  • Once you click select a plan you will be taken to the payment screen. From here you can select the plan you want, number of users, and if you want monthly or annual billing. If you are trying to sign up for a plan with less users, you need to remove the extra users first under Add/Remove Users
  • Once you complete the entire payment page and click "Purchase" you will be charged the full amount for the account you selected immediately. Any free trial status or previous plan is ended once you click Purchase. 

    If you are upgrading from a previous paid plan, you will be charged the full amount of the new plan and prorated back any portion of your unused account. Refunds/prorations can be viewed under Account History


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