How Do I Install Gliffy for Google Docs?


1. Open a Google Document in the Google Chrome browser* and go to the Add-ons menu in the toolbar. Select "Get add-ons..."


2.  From the list of add-ons, choose or search for "Gliffy"


3. Click the Gliffy logo to open up the app description and preview. Click the "+Free" button to install Gliffy diagrams to your Google account.


4. Click "Accept" to agree to the permissions that Gliffy diagrams needs within your Google account.


5. Gliffy diagrams will complete the installation and return you to your Google Document.


6. After a second, the Gliffy diagrams sidebar will open a welcome page. Click on the "Create a diagram" button to get started.


If you already have an existing Gliffy account that does not use the same email address as your Google account, see the instructions here to link up your existing account.

7. The Gliffy diagram editor should open in a new window and you can now create your first Gliffy diagram. 


8. Select the diagram type you wish to create and start diagramming. When you are finished with your diagram, save it and close the editor window. When you go back to your Google Document, the Gliffy diagrams sidebar should have updated with your new diagram. If it is not there, press the refresh button to update the sidebar.


9. Mouse over the diagram you want to insert into your document and use  the "Insert" button to insert it where your cursor is. If you want to edit the document, you can do so from here as well.


10. Your document has a new diagram to help communicate your message!



*Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer browser not currently recommended

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