Known Issues With Visio File Imports


We support importing a single page from a visio Xml Drawing (.vdx) or a .vsdx (Gliffy Online, Gliffy for Confluence v6.7 and Gliffy for JIRA v4.5 and above) file. If a symbol imports as a failed shape (a red box), the symbol is currently not supported. You may notice minor differences between the symbol in Visio and how it looks in Gliffy. All Visio shapes are currently imported as images with the exception of some simple lines.

General Issues

  • The file must be exported directly from Visio.
  • Read-Only files will not import. You must save from Visio without the Read-Only restriction. 
  • Blank pages will not import (remove blank page first). 
  • Importing multiple worksheets is not supported. Separate your tabs/worksheets first then import individually. 
  • Importing binary Visio files (*.vsd) is not supported.
  • Lines connected to some shapes may pop into a different position when the shape moves.
  • User cannot adjust the line width, line color, fill color, gradient, or drop shadow.
  • Rotated shapes may have jagged lines.
  • Sometimes lines may import as shapes. When this happens, you will not be able to attach the imported line to another shape.
  • Paragraph formatting or tab formatting for text is not supported.
  • Only fonts available in Gliffy are supported. All other fonts will default to Helvetica or Arial.
  • Shapes with shadows or gradients may cause file to not import 

By Diagram Type

This is a summary of issues that may affect an entire class of diagrams. Priority will not be given on this as these are typically a sum of the issues bellow.

Diagram Type                                                         Issues

ERDs in Visio rely heavily on text formatting that Gliffy does not support. We do not recommend importing ERD diagrams yet.

  • Table text will not align correctly.
  • Lines that have multiple text nodes attached (i.e., lines with cardinality text) will import as an image.
  • Not all arrow endings are supported.
  • No ERD-specific behavior will be available.
  • There is no ability to modify the swimlane count.
  • Lines that have multiple text nodes attached (i.e., lines with cardinality text) will import as an image.
  • Shapes with multiple text areas (i.e., class or object UML shapes) do not stretch and behave like they do in Visio or Gliffy. Instead, they will stretch uniformly.
  • No UML-specific behavior will be available.
  • Dashed lines and pattern fills will not appear.
  • Line thickness may be off.
  • Embedded EMF files will not import and will show up as red squares (which some of the site map shapes that ship with Visio are).
  • Embedded EMF files will not import and will show up as red squares (3rd party vendor specific stencils can have these).
  • Only png, jpg, bmp, and gif files are supported. Other formats will appear as red squares.
  • Any bmp files will be converted to png
  • Any bmp files with transparency will be imported as png files without transparency.
User Interface
  • Text that relies tabs or margins for positioning may not align as expected.
  • Microsoft icons may not render correctly if they are not a supported image type.
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    Susan Woster

    Is there a more recent version of this article?

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    Miles Thomas

    Visio Org charts (made using 2007/2010 org chart template/stencil/shapes) import, but the nodes are not (fully?) editable (e.g. cannot change/remove embedded pictures) and the lines don't seem to connect.  Checked with Visio for Confluence

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