Disaster! How To Save Your Data In Case Of A Connection Failure

We do as much as we can to safeguard our customer's data, but sometimes the worst happens and an instance of Gliffy is open, with unsaved work, and is unable to call home to save that data. This might be because of a security or network issue that throws a Permissions Denied error or a user may have lost power while working on their laptop. For these sort of occasions we have added a new feature to allow you to save your work even if you are unable to communicate with a Gliffy Online, Confluence or JIRA server. 

If you find yourself in this situation, follow the procedure outlined below:

The short version of this procedure is:

  1. Right click on your diagram, select View Diagram Source
  2. Copy the displayed source into a text file program such as Notepad or Notepad++ (or the Mac equivalent). Do not use Word
  3. Save as .gliffy file. For Mac users, you must remove the .txt file extension after saving. 
  4. Import this .gliffy file into Gliffy, when your network or other issue is resolved.

The Long version:

1. With Gliffy still open, right click on your diagram and select View Diagram Source



2. The following page will be displayed. This contains the code necessary to rebuild your diagram as it is right now.



3. Click "Select" to select all the code, then Ctrl+C to copy (or right click->Copy) 



4. Open a text editor, in Windows this will likely be Notepad (you can find notepad by clicking the Start Button, All Programs, Accessories then Notepad). Once you have your text editor open, paste the code into your text editor:  



5. Save the code to a place and with a filename you will remember. It is recommend that you save it with a .gliffy extension. In this case, we have named it "my_recovered_document.gliffy". Once this file is saved, your data is safe. Follow the rest of this procedure after you are able to connect to either Gliffy Online or your Confluence or JIRA instance. For Mac users you must remove the .txt file extension. 



6.  Import the diagram back into Gliffy. In Gliffy Online, you would do this by logging into Gliffy Online and selecting File -> Import. 


In Confluence you would go to the page where the diagram should be, Edit the page, select Insert-> Gliffy Diagram, then click "Import a Diagram" on the left column of the shown window: 


Clicking these options will take you to a page that will allow you to search and upload your .gliffy file. 

7.  You can now save your diagram and continue editing:






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    Mauricio Gordon

    Thanks for providing detailed illustrative information clearly. It is very helpful to save data in case of connection failure.

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