Gliffy Editor 1.X (Flash) End of Life Announcement

Gliffy Inc, announces the end of life for the Gliffy 1.x Editor, otherwise known as the Gliffy Flash Editor for November 26th, 2013 on the Gliffy Online platform. This version of Gliffy Online is currently accessible by logging in from and selecting the "Use the (old) flash editor" checkbox and is based on Adobe Flash. After November 26th, only the HTML5 editor will be supported, the Flash editor will not be accessible.

  • Existing API and other calls to open the editor will be routed to the new HTML5 Editor.  API functions will remain the same, with the exception of editor loading, until further notice.
  • The Gliffy Editor 2.x ( HTML5) officially supports the following browsers:
  • Previous versions of the above browsers are not supported and will not be able to load the new Gliffy Editor.
  • Other browsers may be able to load the editor, but are not supported by Gliffy, as such, will not be eligible for technical support, nor is proper operation guaranteed.
  • For Gliffy Online, GXML will no longer be a supported file type, with the exception of importing GXML files for use in the new editor and conversion to .gliffy file type.

If you have any questions concerning this announcement, or with the editor and any features of the editor, please contact support by clicking New at the top of this page. Any suggestions for new features and any concerns about features from the old editor that are different or missing from the new editor, please open a support ticket.

Thank you,
Keith Rockhold


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