How Do I Cancel My Gliffy Online Paid Account?

Admin users are responsible for cancelling their Gliffy Online accounts if they do not want to renew. This must be done before the Next Recurring Billing Date listed under their Account Summary. Gliffy cannot be responsible for charges incurred if the account is not cancelled before the renewal date. 

If you do not receive a success screen and an email confirmation of the cancellation, it was not successfully cancelled. You can view if your account was cancelled under Account Summary->Account Status. 

A user with Administrative rights can cancel a Gliffy paid account by following these steps: 

  1. Login to Gliffy
  2. Click on the Profile silhouette to access the Account Settings
  3. Select Account Settings->Cancel Plan
  4. Select a reason, then click "Cancel Plan"
  5. Your account will then revert to a free, Basic account at the end of your next billing cycle. All your diagrams will remain accessible/editable, but you will not be able to add any additional unless you upgrade back to a paid account. 



To prevent a recurring charge, a Gliffy account must be cancelled before the date listed under Next Recurring Billing Date. 


If you cancel the plan successfully you will receive a confirmation screen. We advise to print this for your records. 



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