How Do I Move Or Transfer Diagrams Between My Gliffy Online Accounts?

How to Transfer or Move Diagrams Between Your Accounts

With many of you expanding your personal use of Gliffy to include more than one Gliffy account, the question may arise: How do I move diagrams between my Accounts?

With the diagram you would like to move open:

  1. Click File->Export as Gliffy and save to your desktop as a .gliffy file
  2. Click into Account Settings->Switch Accounts, and choose the desired account to move the diagram to:  (this only applies if you have multiple accounts under the same email). If they are under different emails, you must logout and login to the other account. 
  3. In the new account click the "Import" button and locate the downloaded .gliffy file on your computer
  4. Double-click selected file or click "Open"
  5. When import diagram says your file has finished importing, click "Open"
  6. File->Save and name your diagram 

*Comments are non-transferable and will not appear on imported diagrams. 

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