How Do I Upgrade to a Multi-user Account In Gliffy Online?

To set up the multi-user account:

  1. Login to your current account (if you need to create an account, read about that here). In the upper right, access your Account Settings->Upgrade.
  2. There you will select the plan you want and how many users. Once purchased, you can start adding users to your account. 
  3. Go to Account Settings->Users
  4. Enter the email addresses of the users you'd like to add to your multi-user account then click "Add". Once added, you can select any of the users to be an administrator of the account or restrict users from viewing certain folders
  5. All the users you enter will receive an email from Gliffy, inviting them to the multi-user account 
  6. If they already have a Gliffy account, when they login they may need to switch the account they are logged into. They will then be brought to the group account vs. their pre-existing account. They can also set the default account from here. 
  7. If they have diagrams they'd like to move from their pre-existing account to the multi-user account, have them view these directions ( or contact us at

Finally, if you are in free trial, you'll want to upgrade the account to a paid account before your trial expires. To do this, click the 'upgrade' or 'purchase a plan' banner, select the multi-user account and enter your credit card details.

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