How Do I Switch Between Multiple Gliffy Online Accounts?

Do you have more than one Gliffy account under the same email? Here's how to find the 'other' account:

1. Login from with your email and password

2. Click on the profile silhouette in the upper right corner of the Gliffy editor to access the Switch Accounts menu. 



3. Choose the account you want to be logged into, then Submit. You can also change the default account you log into from this menu. 


We also list how to switch accounts here in the User Manual:

If you previously had a free trial account or paid account that is expired, you will need to choose an option to move past the screen indicating so. If you do not want to upgrade your free trial account, click Select to choose the Free Basic plan.


You can move your diagrams between the two accounts by following the directions here:

If you have further questions, please email Thanks! 

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