Diagram Autosave and Drafts in Gliffy for Confluence (How to Recover Lost Diagrams)

About Autosave

Gliffy for Confluence will auto-save diagram drafts automatically. For this feature to work correctly, several conditions must be met:

  1. You must be connected to the internet and logged into your Confluence instance.
  2. An initial version of the diagram must have been created / saved. Thus, autosave does not work on an untitled diagram that has never been saved.
  3. The underlying Confluence page must have been saved as well.
  4. Autosave must not have been disabled by your system administrator in the global Gliffy Confluence settings.


Recovering a Diagram Draft from an Existing Confluence Page

If you had an initial version of the diagram saved to an existing Confluence page, simply edit the diagram, and you should be presented with a prompt:



Recovering a Diagram Draft from an Unsaved Confluence Page

If you are unable to find the Confluence page with your Gliffy diagram, then try looking in Confluence page drafts by clicking your user icon in the top-right corner of the Confluence page, and selecting "Drafts":


Load the appropriate page draft, then navigate to the page attachments, and see if the Gliffy diagram exists. If it exists, you should be able to edit it from the attachments page, and then save the Confluence draft as a new page. Finally, insert the Gliffy diagram using the "Search for a Diagram" section of the Gliffy macro insert dialog.

For more information about Confluence page drafts, see here:


Recovering Your Work After a Connection Failure

If a connection error occurs while editing a Gliffy diagram, you can always save your work by doing the following:

  1. Right click on your diagram, select "View Diagram Source"
  2. Copy and paste the diagram source into a text editing program such as Notepad, Notepad++, or SublimeText. Do not use Microsoft Word, or any other stylized text editor.
  3. Save the text file with a .gliffy extension.
  4. Import this .gliffy file into Gliffy for Confluence by launching the "Add Gliffy Diagram" dialog, and selecting "Import a Diagram", when your network issue is resolved.

For more information, see here (these detail instructions are the same as for Gliffy Online):

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