Using Gliffy Atlassian Plugins with HTTPS / SSL

Gliffy Confluence Plugin supports secure HTTPS / SSL connections. Some Confluence users, however, may encounter problems when using Gliffy over an HTTPS / SSL connection. Typically these problems manifest themselves as Gliffy Editor launch/loading timeouts. These problems are typically caused by an incorrectly configured Confluence server base URL - fortunately the fix for this is easy!

Please refer to the following Atlassian HTTPS configuration documentation: Step 4, "Change your Confluence Base URL to HTTPS" is very important. After configuring your Confluence server base URL to use HTTPS, please be sure to access your via the configured base URL (exactly as it's set).

It's also worth noting that accessing Confluence from a URL which is not the configured base URL is not supported. For more information, please see the following documentation:

In summary:

  1. Ensure that your Confluence server base URL is configured to use HTTPS.
  2. Ensure that you are accessing your Confluence server via the configured base URL.


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