Gliffy Diagram Saved But Not Attached to Page

Did you have a Gliffy Diagram you saved but now cannot locate in Confluence? 

Confluence treats the Gliffy diagrams as attachments, so it must have a saved page to attach to. Unfortunately, if you did not save and name the page in Confluence, the Gliffy diagram has no where to attach to. This is unfortunately a limitation of how Confluence treats the Gliffy Diagrams.

You may be able to search through Confluence for the name of the Gliffy diagram to try to retrieve it, but if it does not come up it was likely lost unfortunately.

We would always recommend creating and naming the page in Confluence first, so if there is a browser or connection issue and you need to quit, a draft would still be attached to the Confluence page.

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    Jas Panesar

    i experienced this as well -- I was able to recover my drawing by starting  a creating drawing in gliffy again in the same page, and at that time being able to see my lost, saved, but unattached to Confluence drawing.

    Saving often in this case means both to gliffy and the confluence page.  I wish this were simpler.

    Hope that helps.

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