No Gliffy Diagrams Shown Or Can Be Searched

Symptoms: No Gliffy diagrams can be searched. Type in "com.gliffy.core.integration.confluence.isGliffyDoc:true" without the quotes into Confluence Search.



This should return all gliffy diagrams, but 0 results are returned. User has already tested that the search index is fine (new diagrams can be searched). If search is broken for everything, try reindexing:

Solution: Check that the Lucene Compatibility Plugin is enabled. This is a system plugin in Confluence 5.2+ or a user plugin (brought in by us) in Confluence 5.1 and below. You can check this via Confluence Admin > Manage Add Ons > User Plugin or System Plugin > "Lucene Compatibility Plugin". Re-enable this plugin. Newly created diagrams will now be indexed. In order for older diagrams to show up you need to trigger a manual search re-index.



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    Roger Ehrsam

    We are experiencing the same issue. Is there any update on this?

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    Katy Kelly


    Please email if you have a specific issue and our support team can troubleshoot.


    Gliffy Support 

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