Using Your Gliffy Confluence Plugin License (Universal Plugin Manager 2.7.x and below)

If you are using the Universal Plugin Manager version 2.8.x and above, please see the article here


*** IMPORTANT INFORMATION *** If you’re currently using Gliffy v5.3, you’ll need to upgrade to Gliffy 5.4 in order to use your new Gliffy Confluence Plugin license. It's easy to do; here's how... 


Screenshot_7_17_13_10_31_AM_3.pngFirst, in order to perform a successful upgrade with your new license, you can prepare by collecting your license, so you're ready to install smoothly.

Go to your account and log in – it should look like below. If you don't have a account, just ask your System Administrator to do this:



Collect the license for your Gliffy plugin that we've already created for you in your account, just copy this long string somewhere handy:





Screenshot_7_17_13_10_31_AM_2.pngNow, you're ready to actually upgrade Gliffy in your Atlassian Confluence or JIRA instance. Log in there, and go to your Administrative menu and select “Add-ons”:



You should be in the “Manage Add-ons” administrative area. Click the button that says “Paid Update” next to the Gliffy Plugin. 

Click the button that says “Paid Update” next to the Gliffy Plugin. 

(info) Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for this update:




A small popup will appear after the plugin is upgraded successfully.

***IMPORTANT*** Do not click the “Get License” button to close the popup. Click the X (close symbol) in the top right corner of the popup.



Because Gliffy is new to Marketplace, your "Manage Add-ons" may incorrectly report that your account is unlicensed. Don’t worry, your license will work. 

Don’t worry, your license will certainly work! This won’t happen the next time you renew or upgrade.



Screenshot_7_17_13_10_32_AM.pngInstall your new license in your new version of Gliffy, with the license key you collected from your account in step 1.

In your Manage Add-ons administrative area, paste your new license key from step 1: 




Screenshot_7_22_13_3_09_PM.pngSUCCESS! Now you can continue using Gliffy! If you experience any issues please email or call (877) 245-4339.



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