Generating Firebug Output

In order to help troubleshoot an error you're experiencing our team may ask you to produce output from your browser.  The best way to do this is using a tool in Mozilla Firefox called Firebug.  Additionally, you'll need to install an extra plugin for Firebug called NetExport.

  1. Using the Mozilla Firefox browser, download the Firebug plugin:
  2. Download the latest version of the NetExport here:
  3. Enable Firebug by pressing the toolbar button  


  4. Recreate the issue
  5. Export the results


  6. A file with the *.har extension should be saved to a location you specified. Attach that file to your support ticket
  7. Additionally, you'll want to take a screenshot of the "Console" as there may be additional errors found in this view:


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    Eric Chiang

    You can view the har file, but uploading it here:


    As you will see, It is a direct representation of the output that you see in your own Firebug panel.

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