Known Issues With Confluence Page Links in Gliffy Diagrams


When a Confluence page is renamed or moved, the SEO-optimized page URL will change. This means that any external web links pointing to the page will break.

For example, a page entitled "Employee Information" in the "Employee" space will have a Confluence URL of something like Moving this page to the "HR" space will change the Confluence URL to Furthermore, renaming the page to "Employee Info" after this move would make the URL

This poses a problem for any third-party plugins that reference Confluence page URLs. Unfortunately Atlassian does not provide the necessary API hooks for us to update Confluence page links inside Gliffy diagrams when page renames or moves occur. Atlassian's technical workaround for this is to provide static tiny URLs which always point to the same Confluence page, even if it is renamed or moved. To use this tiny URL functionality in the Gliffy Confluence Plugin, follow these instructions (or see the attached image):

  1. Insert a link into a Gliffy diagram using the standard link button in the top toolbar.
  2. Select "Search" from the options on the left of the "Insert Link" dialog.
  3. Search for the desired Confluence page that you would like to link to. Note that you can narrow your search down to a specific Space.
  4. Select the desired Confluence page from the search results.
  5. Enter some descriptive link text.
  6. Insert the link into your Gliffy diagram.

Note that the link that's generated is relative and looks non-descriptive, like /x/ZygVQ. This link will always point to this Confluence page, as long as it's clicked/accessed from within the context of your Confluence instance!

It's worth mentioning that there are two cases where tiny URLs break:

  1. If your server's base URL is set up incorrectly:
  2. After a Confluence Space import:

Unfortunately links to page content (anchor links) are also affected by the same problem, since they are also regenerated when page content changes. As a result our "Page Content" link feature is very fragile and we are contemplating removing it until Atlassian provide better API hooks.

To reiterate: Gliffy Confluence Plugin has absolutely no way of knowing when a Confluence page is renamed or content is updated. The API hooks required to do this do not exist in the Atlassian ecosystem. This page renaming problem is a well-known issue. You can view, watch, and vote on this issue in Atlassian's JIRA, at the following URL:

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