Marketplace License Migration Issues

In this article, we will address a few questions about the Gliffy license discrepancies you may see in your my.atlassian account.

Why does my Gliffy 500 or 2000 License in my account say Enterprise instead of Commercial?

Since the move to Atlassian Marketplace, we've migrated all Gliffy 500 or 2000 user licenses to 500 Enterprise and 2000 Enterprise.  Due to limitations with Atlassian's license import process as well as incompatibility with our old licensing tiers, we weren't able to distinguish between the two. The good news is there is NO price difference for Commercial vs. Enterprise Gliffy in Marketplace, and since Enterprise is a higher tier than Commercial, your license will work in either a Commercial or Enterprise Confluence installation.  To simplify the conversion for our customers, we have also extended Visio import (previously Gliffy Enterprise functionality) to all users.

Why can't I distinguish between a legacy Gliffy 2000 user license and a new Gliffy 2000 user license that I've purchased?

As you have probably noticed, there is a difference in the Gliffy pricing between licenses purchased at the 2000 tier before November 3, 2012 and licenses purchased at the 2000 tier after November 3, 2012. If not, you can view the pricing here.  Currently, in your account there is no way to distinguish between these; I apologize for this inconvenience.  We are currently working with Atlassian to modify this in your my.atlassian account so it will populate the correct pricing, $2400, upon renewal. 

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