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General Questions

Basic Functionality

Licensing and pricing

General Questions

What is the Gliffy Confluence Plugin?

The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence enables you to create and edit diagrams from within the popular enterprise wiki, Confluence. The Gliffy Plugin is tightly integrated with Confluence so you can use the powerful diagramming capabilities of Gliffy seamlessly through your wiki.

Where is my data stored?

New diagrams are added as attachments to pages. This means that all of your data is stored in the same manner as any other content in your wiki. If you have backup procedures and network security setup for Confluence, all of these configurations will automatically apply to any Gliffy diagrams you create.

How hard is it to install the the Gliffy Confluence Plugin?

Installing the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence is quite easy! We have easy to follow instructions in our User Manual

Where can I find more detailed documentation?

Please refer to our detailed User Manual.


Licensing and Pricing

How much does it cost?

Pricing information for all Gliffy products can be found on our Pricing Page. For a direct quote, please contact Atlassian via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Do I get updates as you make improvements?

When you purchase a license, you are entitled to one year of software maintenance (product updates and support). You can renew maintenance after 12 months at 50% of the original purchase price.

When does my software maintenance start?

Our policy is consistent with Atlassian's:

  • New license purchase: Your 12 month software maintenance period will commence from the date of payment confirmation.
  • Upgrade: Your 12 month software maintenance will commence from the date of payment confirmation and replaces any active software maintenance of the upgraded license.
  • Software maintenance renewal: Your 12 month software maintenance will commence from the expiration date of the previous maintenance period, regardless of when the maintenance renewal was purchased.

What happens when my maintenance period expires? 

When you initially purchase our plugin, you have maintenance & support for a year from purchase date. During this time, you will have access to all of Gliffy's updates and new releases. You can get an idea of how often we improve our plugin and release here.

If your license has expired and you do not renew, you will no longer have access to any new updates/releases. You will however retain full functionality of the Gliffy plugin version you are running after expiration. However, functionality may change depending if your Gliffy version is no longer being supported by us or if you Gliffy version is no longer compatible with your Confluence version. You can view Atlassian's End of Life Policy here

What happens when I disable or unsubscribe from Gliffy for Confluence?

Unsubscribing from Gliffy for Confluence results in different behavior between Gliffy for Confluence Cloud and Gliffy for Confluence Server. In both cases, the following is applicable:

  • Diagram files (both the .GLIFFY and .PNG) remain within the specific pages and spaces in which they were created, as diagrams are treated as attachments by Confluence
  • Diagram images (.PNG files) will still be viewable as images, and are snapshots of the most recent version of the associated diagrams

In the event the Gliffy license is no longer valid, but Gliffy is still installed, diagrams will function normally. You will still be able to view diagrams, however without a valid license, you will no longer be able to edit diagrams any longer.

Completely removing Gliffy will cause diagrams to no longer display, as this disables the macros associated with Gliffy diagrams. Gliffy software must still be installed for macros to function properly. If the software is removed, you can simply add the associated .PNG file to the page as an image, which would allow the diagram's latest state to be viewable.

Do I need an additional license for each CPU running Confluence, or each Confluence installation?

Pricing is on a per installation basis. For example, if you have two installations of Confluence, and you wish to run the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence in both, you need to purchase two licenses. If you plan to run clustered Confluence, you need to purchase additional node licenses from Atlassian.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support is provided via email, alongside our publicly available resources:

Which versions of Confluence do you actively support?


Gliffy supports all versions of Confluence that Atlassian currently supports. You can view the versions they currently support on Atlassian's Website.

I have a 500-user Confluence license, but I believe only 25 users will run Gliffy. Can I get a 25-user Gliffy license?

As a product on the Atlassian Marketplace, we must match Atlassian's policy and the license level you have with Gliffy must match the license level of Confluence. Gliffy Project cannot be made available for a specific user-group unfortunately.

Can I try the Plugin before I buy it?

Yes! When you download and install the Plugin, a 30-day free trial is automatically initiated.

What happens when the free trial ends?

You'll still be able to view the diagrams you already created, but you wont be able to edit them. You will not be able to create additional diagrams. To extend your trial, please follow the instructions listed under Pricing->Can I extend my free trial?

Where do I enter the Gliffy license information?

You must have Administrator access to Confluence to enter license information. You will find the Gliffy License page by browsing to Administration>Gliffy Plugin Admin.

Our legal team wants to make revisions to your EULA. Can you accommodate our changes?

Our policy on this matches the policy that Atlassian has on this topic. Because of the low prices we offer our product at, we're unable to make changes to our EULA. The legal and management costs related to accommodating multiple EULA agreements, reviewing amendments or signing outside legal agreements is not possible. By having a single EULA that is fair to both sides, we are able to keep our costs down. If you have specific concerns about our EULA, we would love to get your feedback.



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