How Do I Copy Elements From One Diagram to Another?

To copy and paste between Gliffy Diagrams in your Confluence pages:

* This presumes you have both a Gliffy Diagram you wish you copy content from and a diagram (can be blank) you wish to paste content to (destination diagram). If you do not have the destination diagram created yet, please do that before beginning the steps.

  1. Open the diagram you wish to copy content from and the diagram you wish to copy to in separate browser tabs (they must both be open)
  2. Select the items to copy, then Click Edit, Copy
  3. Go to the tab with the open the document you wish to paste into
  4. Click Edit, Paste to paste the content into the destination document

*NOTE: If you are facing issue copying the element follow this troubleshooting article

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    Belkin sweng

    I just tried this.  Perhaps it worked in the past but today (2014-12-12) it does not work for me.

    The 2nd page is still blank after the paste operation.

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    Katy Kelly

    Hi Belkin, please email with your versions and send any applicable screenshots so we can troubleshoot. Thanks!

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