Removing templates from the Confluence Plugin (for Gliffy 5.x and below only)

It is possible to remove templates from the Gliffy Confluence Plugin version 5.x and below. You'll need access to the jar command line utility that ships with any Java JDK to complete these steps. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Gliffy Confluence Plugin (version 5.x or below)
  2. Move the plugin to an empty directory
  3. From the command line, change to the directory where you moved the plugin to
  4. Extract the TemplateCategories.xml file from the plugin.  This is the file that determines which templates are displayed in the UI.  Of course, use the Gliffy Plugin jar file name that matches your version of Gliffy:   jar xvf GliffyPluginForConfluence_3.0.6.jar resources/com/gliffy/templates/TemplateCategories.xml
  5. Edit the resources/com/gliffy/templates/TemplateCategories.xml file and remove <template> nodes as needed.
  6. Update the plugin jar with your updated version of TemplateCategories.xml:  jar uf GliffyPluginForConfluence_3.0.6.jar resources/com/gliffy/templates/TemplateCategories.xml
  7. Optional:  It's probably a good idea to rename the Gliffy Plugin to indicate that it's been modified. 
  8. Uninstall any Gliffy Confluence Plugins you already have in your Confluence installation
  9. Install your patched version of the Gliffy Confluence Plugin


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