Why Is 'Add Gliffy Diagram' Missing From The JIRA Issue 'More' menu?

Gliffy diagrams may be added to JIRA issues from the "More --> Add Gliffy Diagram" menu item:


If this menu item is missing or unavailable, there are two main causes which should be checked:

  1. The JIRA user must have both create and delete attachment permission on the relevant JIRA project or issue. Delete attachment permission is required by Gliffy because JIRA does not support attachment versioning. When a Gliffy diagram is edited/saved, the attachment must be deleted and recreated by Gliffy, with all previous versions bundled inside of it. If a system administrator or another user is able to login to JIRA and is unable to see this menu item, then incorrect permissions are the most likely cause. For more information about configuring attachment permissions in JIRA, see the following Atlassian documentation:
  2. The Gliffy add-on must be installed, licensed, and enabled. Sometimes Gliffy can become deactivated by another add-on, or by the Atlassian UPM. We recommend double-checking the status of Gliffy in the Atlassian UPM, and performing a full re-install if necessary. To perform a full re-install of the add-on, follow these instructions:

As always, if you have any other questions about this or any other issue, don't hesitate to email our support personnel:

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