PNG and JPEG Diagram Exports Broken in Gliffy JIRA Plugin 3.9.4 and Earlier

Service Advisory: PNG and JPEG exports are not working in Gliffy JIRA plugin 3.9.4 and earlier

Versions Affected: 3.9.4 and earlier (all versions as of 25 June 2014).

Root Cause: The breakage appears to be caused by an Adobe Flash update which was released on 10 June 2014.

Workaround: There are two possible workarounds for this problem:

  1. In the Gliffy Editor, save your diagram and then exit back to the JIRA issue. The saved PNG attachment that you see in the JIRA issue will be an up-to-date PNG export of your diagram.
  2. In the Gliffy Editor, export your diagram as an SVG, and then use a web service like to convert the SVG file to a PNG or JPEG.

Resolution: This was corrected in Gliffy Diagrams for JIRA 4.0 and above. Follow the JIRA issue for this problem here.

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