Gliffy Has Moved to the Atlassian Marketplace

Since Gliffy JIRA Plugin v3.9, Gliffy is now an Atlassian Marketplace Paid Add-on!

What this means is that you can manage your licenses and renewals along with your other Atlassian licenses in

License Migration

We're in the process of migrating existing Gliffy customer licenses into  We anticipate this to be done by July 5th for all customers with 25 user licenses and above.  If you don't already have a account, a new one will be created for you and a temporary password will be sent to the buyer email address on file.  If you don't see your Gliffy license in your account (you are the technical or billing contact, for instance) please contact for assistance.  Please note that 10 user license keys will need to make a new purchase from when their maintenance expires.


If you already have Gliffy installed with a valid license, upgrading the plugin via the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) may result in a dialog that asks for you to generate a trial license.  You can safely dismiss this dialog and Gliffy will use your current NON-MARKETPLACE license.  (Please note that the UPM will report that Gliffy is UNLICENSED as the Atlassian licensing API does not allow us to indicate that the add-on is currently licensed using third-party licensing).


If after upgrading, Gliffy is in trial mode, you can remove the Marketplace license (by clearing the license field and clicking submit) and Gliffy will read the NON-MARKETPLACE Gliffy license.


Alternatively, you can download your Gliffy MARKETPLACE license key from your account and install it via the UPM.  If you don't see your Gliffy MARKETPLACE license in your account, please contact or create a support ticket here.


If you need to re-install Gliffy and only have access to your old legacy license, please install Gliffy v3.8, install your NON-MARKETPLACE license, and then upgrade to Gliffy v3.9.  For all other support requests, please create a support ticket here.




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