How To Turn On Detailed Logging in Gliffy Diagrams for JIRA

Gliffy support may ask you to product a "Support Zip" to help in troubleshooting an issue.

The process may be different depending on the version of JIRA you use, but the concepts are the same:

  • Turn gliffy logging to DEBUG (by setting 'com.gliffy' = DEBUG)
  • Reproduce the error
  • Generate a support zip

Recent versions of JIRA, allow you to modify logging dynamically via the Administration console. Please follow the instructions here:

Once you recreate the issue, please generate a support zip using the instructions here:


Older versions of JIRA may require the following instructions:

To turn on detailed logging for the Gliffy JIRA Plugin you must edit the

Add the following entry at the bottom of the file: = INFO, console, filelog = false

Then on a restart, they can go to the logging console: 

And change com.gliffy to DEBUG.

Reproduce the issue, then set it back to INFO, to avoid having Gliffy fill your logs with ephemera.

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