Changes to Gliffy functionality in Gliffy for Confluence 8.0.0+

Gliffy for Confluence version 8.0.0 introduced the ability to pin a specific version of each diagram to a specific version of each Confluence page. What this means is that as you update your page, you can also assign a specific version of your Gliffy diagram to each version of that page. This feature has been often requested by our customers, and we're excited to have this implemented!

With this change, there is also a significant operational change in how Gliffy functions. In Gliffy versions prior to 8.0.0, clicking Edit would simply open up your diagram for editing. In Gliffy for Confluence 8.0.0+, you must open the Confluence page into Edit mode, and then edit the diagram. This is what enables the ability to attach a specific version to that page with the update.

To edit Gliffy diagrams in version 8.0.0, please follow these steps:

1. Open the Confluence page in which the diagram is stored into Edit mode

2. Click "Edit" on the diagram, which will open the diagram for editing

3. When you have finished your edits, please be sure to save both the diagram AND the page, as this is what will ensure all data is saved appropriately

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