Why am I receiving persistent error report prompts within FireFox?

Users of FireFox may occasionally encounter an issue when working on large diagrams which is related to the browser's rendering of these diagrams.

Specifically, this issue relates to recursion functionality within FireFox, and how the browser handles the rendering of the diagram. To verify that this is the issue you've experienced, you can follow these steps:

  • Press F12 to open your console's browser
  • Ensure that "Console" is selected in the top of the pane that opens
  • Replicate the issue

Doing this will actually allow you to view the error generated. This error exception will be listed as "Too much recursion".

Unfortunately, within FireFox there is not a current method to resolve this on larger diagrams. If you experience this error in a persistent manner, we encourage you to utilize a browser such as Google Chrome (which typically provides the best experience with Gliffy). In the meantime, our engineers will continue to investigate and work to resolve this issue.

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