Confluence Cloud Users Unable to Use Gliffy Diagrams (RESOLVED)

Starting late last week, some Cloud users reported being unable to access, load, or edit Gliffy Diagrams. Atlassian has confirmed it is most likely an issue on their end, and we are work actively with them to resolve it. 

If you are experiencing this issue, please email and please provide us with your Base URL of your Confluence instance. 

We will update this article with new updates and resolution as they come in. Thanks for your patience. 

Update 12/20 11:00am

We have followed up with Atlassian and they have indicated here: that the fix for the issue will be automatically applied during your next maintenance window within the next 24 hours.

If you have a more immediate need, please raise a ticket at with a reference to

Their teams can implement the fix with an immediate 15 minute maintenance window with acknowledgment from a technical contact from your site.

Update 12/22 9:30am

Atlassian has indicated under that they found sites where add-ons that have been installed in the last few days are affected by different problems.

They are still working towards fixing these sites and will keep reporting updates on that bug report. We would advise to follow this for the latest updates. We will also continue to update this article. Thanks for everyone's continued patience.

Update 12/23 1:00pm

Atlassian has mostly resolved issue: CONF-45614. They have indicated in their last update that they worked together with the add-on developers to fix the remaining sites that installed add-ons in the last few days and the majority of these have already been fixed.

They will keep that bug open for a few more days while they wrap up the remaining add-ons still being worked on. 

If your Gliffy add-on is still not functioning, please email and provide us the Base URL of your Confluence instance. 

We appreciate everyone's patience during this time. 

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